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Accounting professionals are aware of the tax savings potential offered by R&D tax incentives, but not every firm has the resources or expertise to take on the application and documentation process.

Why accounting professionals partner with the FI Group:

They demand a partner that has the technical expertise and tools to identify all opportunities available and provide value for their clients. This technical expertise is critical in identifying qualified research activities and expenses that are frequently missed or misunderstood.

What are FI Groups core values and how do these enhance client relationships and trust:

  • FI Group’s core principle is to establish long term relationships and trust
  • Global Leader – FI Group represents over 13,000 worldwide clients in 13 counties, with 38 offices – providing clients with annual tax savings = $1.5B
  • Global technical support team consisting of over 1,200 tax, legal, scientists, technology, and engineering professions
  • US team – experienced technical implementation team of tax, legal, IT, engineering, and business operations
  • Provide legal and tax support in the event of IRS examination
  • Identify both Federal and State R&D tax credits
  • Digital tools – Development of software tools creating a methodology that is customized, transparent, educational, and efficient – this minimizes our CLIENTS time commitment, thus creates an aggressive fee structure
  • FI Group methodology will exceed IRS NEXUS guidelines. This business process application supports the R&D 4-part test requirements and maximizes qualified research activities (QRAs) and qualified research expenses (QREs).
  • FI Group not only focuses on traditional R&D expenditures, but identifies “first time to market” activities, non-traditional business activities, business process improvement, and production challenges.