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The FI Group is an International tax consultancy that specializes in the implementation of state and federal tax incentives and the research and development (R&D) tax credits for corporations. The FI Group team consists of CPA’s, engineers, IT, legal, and business operation specialists.

With over 13,500 clients in 13 countries, our client’s benefits exceed more than $1.5 B in tax savings annually.

  • Experienced technical Implementation team of tax, legal, IT, engineering, and business operations.
  • Global technical team of 1,200 tax, legal, scientists, IT, engineering, and business operation professionals.
  • FI Group represents over 13,000 worldwide clients in 13 counties – clients annual tax savings = $1.5B.
  • Provide legal and tax support, with no additional fees, in the event of IRS examination.
  • Global consistency for R&D studies and pricing. Tailored “recorded financial and technical interviews” that identifies and documents qualifying business activity and expenses – time efficient proces!
  • Identify both Federal and State R&D credits.
  • Digital tools – Development of software tools creating a methodology that is customized, transparent, educational, and efficient – this minimizes our CLIENTS time commitment, thus creates an aggressive fee structure.
  • Identify NEXUS – “Stage-gate” business process applications and efficiencies that supports the R&D 4-part test and maximizes qualified research activities (QRAs) and qualified research expenses (QREs). FI Group will “showcase” and focus on current CLIENT business activities, components, objectives, and initiatives.
  • FI Group not only focuses on traditional R&D expenditures, but identifies “first time to market” activities, non-traditional business activities, business process improvement, and production challenges.
  • Identify CapEX expenditures that maximizes the credit.
  • Collaborative, educational, and informative platform.
  • Collaborate with CLIENTs trusted tax provider.
  • Understanding our CLIENTS technical and business challenges.

If you would like to talk about whether your company is eligible for R&D Tax Credits, get in touch with our friendly team today.


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